About Us

ZAD group was founded in January 2014 with an aim to provide exceptional products and equipment to the medical and dental sector.

Two experienced pharmaceutical, sales and marketing professionals got together and created an organization that would cater to the medical and dental equipment supply needs of the Kingdom Of Bahrain. With a vision to never compromise on quality and always supply equipment on time, ZAD group has slowly come to be recognized as one of the leading medical and dental equipment suppliers in the area.

Our commitment to supplying our customers with only high-quality tried and tested products is what has gained us such a wide and loyal customer base. We believe in maintaining an honest and transparent relationship with all our suppliers!


We provide high-quality long-term unique professional medical and dental solutions.

Our Vision and Ambition

To be the partner of choice for any medical professionals and to lead the medical and dental distribution market in the gulf region by 2023 through providing high-quality unique long-term solution.


  • We aim to the forefront.
  • We deliver value.
  • We do it right.
  • We believe in science.
  • We do care about the patient and the customer.